Text Box: Crowborough Fair, 2018.

(further details to come)
Text Box: Visiting Tunbridge Wells ?

Why not call in at the only stamp shop for miles ! (Tel: 01892 529898)

Address: 5 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells TN 1 1LS

Members of the R.T.W.P.S. receive up to 10% discount on stamps and accessories.

VISA and Master Card accepted (including Auction purchases)

Free stamp auction catalogue(s) - auctions now held 8 times a year at the Masonic Hall
St. Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells. TN4 9UY

Free valuation service 

 e-mail tntauctions@tiscali.co.uk

         Future T & T Auction dates (2017); The Masonic Hall, St. Johns Rd., T. Wells TN4 9UY  

    November 4th; December 9th.
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