Text Box:  R.T.W.P.S. Publications, Activities and Events.

A list of our meetings, activities & events can be found in the Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies’ latest bulletin  (scroll down towards the end of  the document). This can be found on the following webpage:





RTWPS aims to promote philately, primarily on a local basis, and to provide a varied, interesting and entertaining

programme of activities and events for our members. Where appropriate, we also endeavour

to support regional and national philatelic services.

Text Box: R.T.W.P.S. is affiliated to:

The Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies.

Association of Sussex Philatelic Societies.

Association of British Philatelic Societies.

Text Box: Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies’ Bulletin.

Crowborough Fair 2017

News and Views


At R.T.W.P.S., we have:



An excellent, twice monthly programme of morning displays, competitions, auctions and visits to / from other philatelic societies. The displays are free of charge to R.T.W.P.S members, who pay a relatively small annual membership fee of £10 (reduced to £8 for senior citizens). Refreshments are available. Membership also includes:


· Stamp ‘Packets’, from which members may sell and purchase stamps, postcards, postal stationery, etc.


· Where feasible, transport to / from meetings.



· No membership age limits — young or old ! A warm welcome will be given to all visitors and members.


· A free bi-annual Newsletter — ‘The Pantiles Post’

(Peter O’Keeffe is the RTWPS representative of the KFPS and the Bulletin editor).