Text Box:  R.T.W.P.S. Publications, Activities and Events.


RTWPS aims to promote philately, primarily on a local basis, and to provide a varied, interesting and entertaining

programme of activities and events for our members. Where appropriate, we also endeavour

to support regional and national philatelic services.

Text Box: R.T.W.P.S. is affiliated to:

The Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies.

Association of Sussex Philatelic Societies.

Association of British Philatelic Societies.

Text Box: Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies’ Bulletin.

Crowborough Fair 2017

Text Box: (Peter O’Keeffe is the RTWPS representative of the KFPS and the Bulletin editor).
If you would like to read the current Bulletin, please click on the following link.



At R.T.W.P.S., we have:



An excellent, twice monthly programme of morning displays, competitions, auctions and visits to / from other philatelic societies. The displays are free of charge to R.T.W.P.S members, who pay a relatively small annual membership fee of £10 (reduced to £8 for senior citizens). Refreshments are available. Membership also includes:


· Stamp ‘Packets’, from which members may sell and purchase stamps, postcards, postal stationery, etc.


· Where feasible, transport to / from meetings.



· No membership age limits — young or old ! A warm welcome will be given to all visitors and members.


· A free bi-annual Newsletter — ‘The Pantiles Post’ (see below).